Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Day Five: Oxygen Mask

The idea here is that on a plane, when cabin pressure is lost, you make sure you get oxygen before helping others. Makes sense. The same holds true for us in life. Before we can help others we have to make sure we are healthy ourselves. I've seen too many people try to pour themselves out to serve others, draining themselves completely out of a sense of duty, and feeling guilty about ever taking care of themselves.

This chapter challenges us to take care of ourselves in two ways;
1. Physically. The temptations are to worship our bodies and spend all our time in the gym or trash our bodies by not eating right, sleeping right, drinking too much, etc. But there is a balance.
2. Emotionally. Emotions are a good thing. The trick is to express our emotions without letting our emotions control us.

Given these two areas, what are some things you need to do to improve your physical and emotional health? How have you been ignoring them? When you bring them under control can you see how you will be better able to help others?

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