Monday, May 03, 2010

Fasting for God's Name

It's May and we turn the corner on finishing off our building. I was there today with our designer (Tracy Taylor) going over the colors and furnishings one last time (I hope!). It's all coming together.

I think you'll be surprised at the look. It doesn't look like a church...not at all. It looks more like a lodge, not only on the outside...inside too. The colors are warm earth tones and we'll have cafe tables and couches throughout the lobby. Field stone accents the lobby and auditorium. We intentionally made it very warm and welcoming because most people expect the opposite from church! We hope people will come early and stay late talking. Church is not a meeting. It's not the building either. It's people in relationship. But a good building can facilitate relationships and I think our building will do that.

If you've been tracking with my recent sermons series (Transitions) you've heard me say that our purpose as a church is to make God's name great. I want so much for our existence to do that for God. And to pray to that end I'm fasting in May as my way of dedicating myself and the church to that goal. Each week of May I'll change the fast and break it on our opening Sunday, May 30th. I'd love to have you join me for a meal or all 29 days! Here's my plan;
  • Week One: no sweets or coffee
  • Week Two: above plus no meat
  • Week Three; oatmeal for breakfast, beans, rice and lettuce for lunch and supper
  • Week Four: liquids, fruit juice, tea, Slimfast