Monday, December 12, 2011

Advent...time to put Jesus first

Yesterday I continued my study of Colossians, chapter one. My goal is to help us Worship Fully this Advent season. And to do that, we need to put Jesus where he the top of every list we the center of everything we do.

I don't know about you but Jesus often slips out of place. I'm embarrassed to say that...after all, I'm a pastor!  You'd think I would be meditating on Jesus all day!  But I drift. I get focused on my work. I get focused on my play. I get focused on people. And before you know it, I'm not as in touch with the presence of Jesus in my life as I know I can be.

This study has  already challenged me to carve out more time every day to simply sit in Jesus' presence to be quiet...reflect on his words...and listen. Let's develop the habit (again) in December and carry it throughout the year.

Download the message here. By the way...the print version has a few more scripture references and notes if that matters to you.

Why not use the Going Deeper questions (text version) to help you reflect more on Jesus this Advent season?