Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Book Review: Everyone Communicates. Few Connect.

Reading a John Maxwell book is deceptive. There’s a tendency to think that it’s too simple. That it’s nothing new and you’ve heard it all before. It’s just common sense. But don’t be fooled. That’s the sign of a good teacher. John puts things on the lower shelf so it is accessible and readily applicable.

I enjoyed reading Everyone Communicates, Few Connect because my job (pastor) is all about connecting; whether that’s one on one or to hundreds at a time. I think the first decade or two I thought communication was enough. But the last few years I’ve realized the value of connecting. In fact the truth is…until you connect you won’t ever truly communicate.

I appreciate how Maxwell explores all sides of connecting; one on one, in small groups and speaking to crowds. He shares his personal insights and experiences in a variety of situations. Connecting is really an art and John takes you through the full gamut of what it takes to truly connect; creating influence, focusing on others, bringing energy, finding common ground, keeping it simple, creating an enjoyable experience, inspiring others and modeling your message.

The book is so practical that I’m taking one of my staff members through it to help them move beyond communicating to truly connecting themselves. I think this book will help anyone advance in their career or relationships as a result of reading it.

Disclaimer: I review books for Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for books but I am not obligated to give their books favorable reviews.