Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Six Weeks in Chile

You may have heard that our LEAD team has granted me a three month sabbatical.  Sabbaticals are often offered to pastors after seven years of serving a church. Sabbaticals are a time of refreshing and rejuvenation to help refill the emotional and spiritual tank of pastors. 

Why do pastors get a sabbatical when most people don't?  Professors also are granted sabbaticals. It has to do with anyone who is in a continual role of teaching. It's very draining on the mind. Teachers inevitably get stale after a while and need refreshing.

When I asked our Operations Team for what they thought might be a good idea for a sabbatical, they said, "Get as far away from Menomonie as possible. Have experiences that you can draw on for your messages."  One person suggested I go to a language school.

I liked their ideas. So Lisa and I will be heading to Chile, South America for six weeks this summer. (I decided to split my sabbatical into two six week sessions to have less of an impact on the church). Here's what we have planned:

  • Week One and Two: Language school in Vina del Mar. We'll live with a local family and be in class four hours a day for two weeks.
  • Week Three: We'll meet other Cedarbrookers in northern Chile (Calama, the driest region in the world) for a ten day mission helping the local Covenant church build a community center and minister to their people.
  • Week Four and Five: Alejandra, from the Covenant Missions office, will join Lisa and me as our guide and interpreter. We will visit the Covenant churches in southern Chile to offer encouragement and direction.
  • Week Six: We will find a quiet place to be refreshed before returning home.

I'm looking forward to this, as are Kyle and Sten as they will be speaking in my absence. We went away for a short retreat this week to plan the upcoming sermon series through this summer.

Let me know if you have any questions.