Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Your Summer Pictures

I've already heard back from two folks with their summer vacation pictures. Plus I'll throw in one of my own. The first one is from Paul Warren. He says...
  • This photo was taken last summer on our trip to Banff . We were there for our ten year anniversary. It is a photo of Lake Morraine which is surrounded by 10 mountain peaks. (Remy says...WOW!)
The next picture is from Kate Nolin. Kate was a part of Cedarbrook for some time and is now a distant "member" since she lives in Rice Lake. (Although surprisingly she still comes down quite often to join us on Sunday.) Kate says...

  • These are the most meaningful summer vacation pictures we have. On May 27, (2008) my ex-husband Mark, and I re-married. The ceramony took place on the beach in Florida . It was a private ceramony with just Mark, our daughter Madisen, and me. Thanks to Cedarbrook, Divorce Care, and most of all God, this was the best summer ever! (Remy says, "Yeah God!")
The next picture is of Superior National Golf Course across from the Lutsen Resort on the North Shore of Superior. Towards the bottom of the picture is the tee and you shoot over the river to the green. I took my family here in mid-June for our annual family reunion (my mom, three siblings and spouses). I cheated with this picture. No, I didn't rent a helicopter to take it. My pictures were too small to post so I took it from SNGC's website. It's a very dramatic course, almost mountain like with a deep gorge and rushing river running through it.
Keep sending in your pictures. I think it's fun to see the ground we travel and learn a little more about each other.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Fishing pictures

Dave Johnson built a house on a small lake north of Eagle River, WI that his parents now live in. About 8 of us from Cedarbrook plus a few other friends (including a fishing guide friend of Dave's) spent Friday- Sunday traveling, fishing, eating and sometimes sleeping. Here are some of the pics from the weekend. Send me your vacation pics with a brief description and I'll post them too.

We've got the whole crew here. Tony Pember has the nice catch on the left. Tony and Barry Maxwell show off our boat's catch for the day. And Mark (fishing guide) brought home the trophy fish for the day. And then there's me...I'm holding the large minnow!