Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Introducing Cedarbrook YOUniversity...

I'm excited to announce Cedarbrook YOUniversity. It will launch on Tuesday, October 2nd.

Cedarbrook YOUniversity is a new intimate "school" to help Cedarbrookers grow spiritually in four areas:

  1. Growth - cultivates personal and spiritual strengths.
  2. Bible - builds biblical understanding and relevance.
  3. Community - provides support while addressing life’s ups and downs.
  4. Stages -    guidance and encouragement across various life stages.
The classes scheduled to represent these four areas this fall are:
  • Starting Point - a two semester class that explores the Bible and faith for the spiritual beginner.
  • How to Study Your Bible - an introductory class for people who don't want the  Bible to be a stranger.
  • Healing the Hurts of Your Past - a book study on pastor Remy's book.
  • Griefshare - a two semester class helping people process their grief.
  • Guardrails - a class that helps you put up guardrails to guard your marriage and other relationships in life.

Classes will last six weeks and are limited to fifteen people to help facilitate discussion and develop a sense of community.  There will be three semesters and the summer will have no classes. Cost is  $10 per class covering administration costs and basic materials. Any books are additional.

We will be publishing a brochure in September to register. Spread the word!