Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grow in the Grace of Giving

We continue in our capital campaign. Last night we announced that $404,000 has already been pledged by 15 people. That's great news. But many others are still praying and asking God what to do. Our 20 Day devotional is meant to help us with the decision. This is an excerpt from today's message...

"Now as you excel in everything - in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in all earnestness, and in the love we inspired in you - see that you abound in this gracious work of giving also. I am not speaking this as a command, but I am testing the genuineness of your love." (2 Corinthians 8:7-8)

...giving is a test of the heart in action, a test of the genuineness of love. 

Giving is where what we believe gets real.

Now is the time to ask another question: "OK Lord, what have You equipped me and blessed me to do?" What resources do I have to give? How can I think creatively about giving - beyond the narrow box of my income and expenses - in order to give of myself fully? Are there assets beyond my monthly income that I can give? Can I create new resources to give with my talents, gifts, and time? Does my faith commitment lead me to change other priorities in my life, reducing spending and thus freeing resources for giving?

Read the full devotional here.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Doing God's Good Will...

Excerpt from Day 11 of the 20 Day Devotional - 

We are asking God to show us how he can use us to help support his vision through Cedarbrook. 

The devotional says...

A stewardship decision is a prayerful commitment. A stewardship decision invites God to the dialogue and involves God in the discussion. A stewardship decision becomes much more than just my sense of goodwill... it means discovering and acting within a sense of God's goodwill.

Pray...Lord, I want to honor Your name. Speak to me! Let Your will be done ... in me and through me. Let Your kingdom come ... here in my life. 

Read the full devotion here.