Monday, August 28, 2006

Extreme Cedarbrook Makeover - Mall Addition

You may have noticed that my blog had a conversion experience recently. It went from "Thinking Outloud...about Faith" to "Thinking Outloud...about Cedarbrook". Up until now, it's been a discussion of faith and church issues. But, at least for the next six months, it will be specifically Cedarbrook related.

Moving to the mall will be a big change for us and I want to have a "communication center" where people can go to get updates and send me feedback. Change is hard but setting up a good flow of communication will smooth the bumps. The quicker we can deal with problems the better. I've found that most problems can be eliminated or at least reduced if we address them as quickly as possible before they become a big irritation. So, help us all out and give me your feedback along the way!

I'm pleased to announce that we've hired Dave Johnson to be our project manager for the mall remodeling project. Dave immediately got a brainstorm that will make it extra fun. He's calling it the Extreme Cedarbrook Makeover - Mall Addition! Dave is not only a former building contractor but he has spent years equipping short term mission teams to serve over seas. This project should be piece of cake!

You can learn more at Dave's blog. I'm sure he'll be updating everyone soon on details for the makeover. If you would like to offer your volunteer services, his email is on the blog.

Keep coming back for up to the date information on the move!