Monday, March 31, 2008

Day One: Living the Dash

Today begins our One Month to Live readings. I'll write BRIEF summary reflections for each day. If you'd like this e-mailed to you each day, send me an email and let me know.

Day One: Living the Dash

The "dash" refers to the the line on a tombstone between the dates you were born and died. We have no control over those dates but we have a lot to say about the dash in between the two.

I liked the quote that began this chapter. It talks about the fear ... "that as far as the world is concerned we might as well never have lived." Harold Kushner

Ouch. He's talking about the fear that we will have no impact on this world. We only consumed during our lifetime. We offered nothing in return. Is that the legacy that you want to leave - that when people stand around your grave they say things like "What a wasted life. He/she never lived up to their potential." And instead of a legacy all you left is regrets, excuses and I.O.U.'s. All you left was your kingdom of pursuits and possessions that benefitted no one but yourself and will merely rot in your absence.

If you want to do something about this fear...join me for a 30 day journey of turning things around. Over these next 30 days we will work to turn your "ship" around so when you leave this world you have left a legacy and you will be missed.

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