Monday, December 06, 2010

Do You Come From The Land of Losers?

I really enjoy the story of Ruth. It's a classic gospel story of how God takes someone who society rejects (Ruth came from Moab...the land of losers) and makes them a faith hero.

We often sing about God being our Redeemer...but do you know what that is? My sermon outlines it for you. Boaz redeemed Ruth, pouring out his love on her in such an abundant way that she became a blessing to others. That's the effect God wants to have on us.

Ruth's story reminded me of Jesus honoring the Roman soldier who believed Jesus for his daughters healing. Jesus told him that he had never seen such faith in all of Israel. Wow!!!!!!!!!! That's like a major diss to the Israelites but a HUGE compliment to the Roman. Jesus took a spiritual outsider and made him a faith hero with his simple declaration.

It reminds me of what he said about the rocks. If God's people don't praise him, the rocks (Romans, Moabites, losers of this world) will praise him.

And the apostle Paul talked about how God has grafted on branches (non-Jews) onto God's vine.

Isn't it great to know that no matter how far from God you might have been or may even be yet today that you can be an insider RIGHT NOW by faith? I hope you'll let God "redeem" you fully so you are so blessed that you can't help but bless others.