Monday, March 31, 2008

Day Four: Making Connection

Kerry Shook asks an interesting question on Day Four of his book: If you only had one month left before your physical body collapsed, wouldn't you want the part of you that's going to live forever to be as healthy as possible?

Good point. How's your spiritual health? It's an old question but if you were to die today...are you ready to meet God?

When you've got time to waste you might want to be religious. But with 30 days to live you need to get down to business. Your faith needs to get personal. It's easy to know a lot about God but do you know him like you know a good friend? Do you talk? Do get a sense of hearing from him? That might seem irrational but that's why Jesus came into make an invisible distant God visible and approachable.

When you move from a friendship relationship to a dating relationship it starts with an invitation...would you like to go out tonight? Moving to intimacy with God starts with a simple invitation as well. Here's a simple prayer to move you in that direction;

Jesus I want to know you - not just know about you. I want a relationship not religion. So I'm inviting you to come into my life. Thank you for dying for me. Thank you for forgiving me. But I need more than forgiveness I need you in my life. Come now and fill every part of me. Help me to follow you completely. Give me eyes to see you in my life and ears to hear your voice. Help me to follow you every day and fulfill my purpose in life. Amen.

Now, once you make this connection...keep it!

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