Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 24: Planting Seeds

The metaphor today is planting seeds. My summary is primarily two long quotes from Kerry Shook in his book One Month to Live.

When people look at your life from the outside, they may be impressed because you're planting "big things"; a hefty bank account, major achievements, lofty goals, a weighty reputation. From all appearances, you're a successful farmer, but what fruit will these "big things" yield? It doesn't matter how significant your portfolio is or how ambitious your plans are. If all you're doing is accumulating things and trying to impress people, then the moment you die, your influence ends. The size of the rock doesn't matter. Whether it's a pebble or a boulder, [if it's not a seed and...] you plant it in the ground, it will beve be seen again. Zero Impact. p. 183

If you plant temporary things, you are going to harvest temporary things. If you plant eternal seeds, you are going to harvest eternal fruit. If you plant generosity, you are going to harvest generosity. If you give grace and compassion, you are going to get grace and compassion. Whatever you give out in life, you are going to get back. Accoording to the law of harvest, we reap what we sow, but we also reap much more than we sow. If I plant one seed, I don't get one seed or even one apple in return but a tree full of apples, season after season. A bushel of blessing comes from a tiny seed of faith. p. 185

So the question for today is...are you planting temporary things that reap a temporary one time harvest? Or are you planting eternal things that keep giving and giving?

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