Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 23: Creating a Legacy

Today marks the beginning of the last section of One Month to Live. You are on the home stretch!

Today we look at a number of ways to evaluate the kind of legacy we are leaving behind.

First is the influence test. Our greatest investment in life is in people. So who are the people that you have committed to invest your life in? Who are you influencing for good? To whom are you passing on what has been given to you?

Second is the affluence test. Passing this test is not as dependent on the amount of money you have so much as what you do with it. The only way to pass this test is by giving. We must learn to be givers rather than takers so we can make a difference while we are on this earth. God wants us to be channels of his blessings. As long as we are good channels, he will continue to send affluence to us and through us.

Third is the obedience test. Obedience to God should be your first priority because he gives you just enough time on earth to do everything he's called you to do. Don't waste a second. Listen for his direction so you can walk in his ways.

In regard to these three tests, how are you doing? At which one are you most/least successful? What do you need to do to turn things around?

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