Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 22: Road Signs

Today Kerry Shook looks at what needs to happen for God to move in your life. He refers to the story of Elisha and the poor widow in 2 Kings chapter 4.

One way signs: The first thing this woman did was admit her need. She was almost broke, only having a little oil. Second, she turned to God (or at least to God's prophet) for help. These are two streets you have to go down to see God move in your life.

Stop sign; Stop and see what you already have that God might want to use. In this case, the woman had a little bit of oil. So, rather than looking at what you don't have, look at what you do have.

U-Turns: The woman didn't see that she had anything at first but then saw the oil. Kerry says this is her U-turn, she went from being negative to being positive...showing a little hope that God might do something.

Yield sign; Elisha told the woman to pour out what little oil she had left into another jar. As she poured, the oil kept coming and coming, filling as many jars as she could find to fill. The point? You need to be willing to give first if you want to receive. You need to be willing to risk pouring out your life if you want to be filled.

What are some ways that you are holding back right now for fear that you won't have enough for yourself? How might God be asking you to step out in faith to bless others rather than just focusing on your own need?

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