Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Meet Kyle Gunderson our new Associate Pastor

I'm excited to announce that our search for an associate pastor has resulted in calling Kyle Gunderson to Cedarbrook. I think he and his family are a very good fit for our church family.

Kyle Gunderson is only 29 years old but has ten years of youth pastor experience. He pastored at both Maple Grove Covenant, a church of 700 people and then International Falls Covenant, a church of about 300. In both churches he took struggling youth groups and grew them. His current youth group is at 80-100 students.

Kyle attended Bethel University for his undergraduate studies and is just now returning to Bethel for his Masters in Biblical Leadership (distance learning program). He is married to Anna and they have three boys ages 5,3 and 1 (Andrew, Joshua, Caleb).

Kyle wasn’t looking for a new job. The Covenant leaders called him and suggested he consider our position because they felt he would be a great match. All three Covenant executives told me that they consider Kyle to be the best youth pastor in the Northwest District. They speak very highly of him and are excited at the possibility of him joining a growing church like ours.

Kyle is very relational, a strong leader and shows good organizational skills His Strengthfinder (a type of personality test) strengths are:

· WOO- Winning Others Over. Everyone he meets he views as a potential friend.

· Belief- He is passionate about his beliefs.

· Positivity- He is quick to smile and have a word of encouragement

· Includer- He always wants to “add one more” to whatever is happening

· Self Assurance- He is confident of both is abilities and judgment

Kyle is filling a new full time position at Cedarbrook, that of Associate Pastor. Christine Ruth filled this on a part time basis a few years back but Kyle’s role will be much broader being full-time. His primary focus will be to develop and oversee the Youth Ministry but he will also assist me in general pastoral oversight of the church along with preaching on a regular basis.

Kyle’s current church requires a three month notice so he will not be able to join us until mid-February at the earliest plus he has a house to sell. Please pray for both his transition out of his current position as well as his transition into Cedarbrook and Menomonie. Change is stressful! But I think it will be a good change.

I think Kyle is a high capacity leader that will bring a lot of good to our community. Thanks in advance for welcoming him to Cedarbrook.


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