Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day 16: Remember Who You Are

Today begins the third section of the book One Month to Live talking about Learning Humbly. Learning humbly begins by understanding who you are. And to do that you have to look to your Creator. He alone knows your purpose because he alone designed you.

We so often forget where we came from. We know intrinsically that God is the Source of all things but we tend to see ourselves as being separate from God. Shook quotes The Lion King to give us some insight. Mufasa speaks to his wayward son from the grave reminding him of who he is. “Remember who you are.” In so many words he reminds him that because he is the son of the king that makes HIM the king and so he needs to start living like that.

Do you remember who you are? So many of us merely “get by” in life, content to leave this world having had no impact because we think of life in terms of survival. But if you grasp who you are – God’s gifted child - you realize that whether you have 30 days to live or 30 years you can make an impact before you leave this world. You can leave a legacy. You can make a mark on this world by pouring yourself out to the benefit of others. For some it will be in big noticeable ways. For others, it will be quietly behind the scenes. But either way you’ll leave your footprint in this life.

Take time to reflect on what it means to be a child of the God of the universe. How should that impact your life today? Over the next 30 days?

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