Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Celebrating the Past

I've asked people to share their experiences at Cedarbrook. I hope you'll add yours. Here's one for you...

I just want you to know that Cedarbrook Church, as a whole, has ministered
to my heart in so many ways. Though DivorceCare I have made wonderful
friends ... along with the gift of being able to give back some of what God
and Godly people have done for me. Through your seminar and meeting
withJayne in TPM, I have had tremendous healing from wounds of the past.
Through worship and sermons on Sunday morning, I have grown in my
relationship with God. Through helping out in children's ministries I am able
to see the excitement and innocence of the children and their ability to
trust and believe so easily that it inspires me to be more like them. Through
the leadership conference, I gained insight and a much better understanding
of our Cedarbrook roots. And now I have begun the Breaking Free women's
group with Jayne and I already am feeling a bond with the women there.
Cedarbrook is such a welcoming church with such a focus on getting people
emotionally healthy. Though I loved my church in Nevada where I had been
a member for about 9 years,I feel much more a part of Cedarbrook.
Cedarbrook is my church and I love it here.

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