Monday, February 21, 2005

Wrestling with Sexuality

After my message yesterday someone came to me and said that they didn't think they saw sex rightly. I could tell that they were struggling with understanding what was right, what was wrong and why they didn't seem to see/feel things like others. As I thought through their struggle I guessed that they must be wrestling with five questions...
  • Is there something wrong with me that I have these desires?
  • Did something happen to me that I have these desires?
  • Was I born with these desires?
  • Did I unknowingly choose these desires over time?
  • Is there really nothing wrong with me - I'm normal -but other closed minded people are trying to make me feel bad about my desires?

The person that I was speaking with was heterosexual but my guess is that these are the same questions that the homosexual person asks as well. I think these are good questions - normal questions that people should be asking.

Now, expand these questions to include things other than sex - to emotions like anger or fear or depression. Just replace the word "desires" with "emotions". Many people ask these same questions. These are life questions. There is something wrong with us - all of us -and we need to find how to find wholeness in Christ. That's our job as a church community - not to point fingers and judge but to come along side each other and see how we can help provide the answers that will lead to wholeness.

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