Thursday, February 17, 2005

Hearing God in Community

When I started my "Let's Get Personal" series I said that I was "starting a dialogue" - meaning that my words weren't meant to be the final word but the start of a discussion. I knew my words would make some uncomfortable and I wanted to hear back from them to either sharpen or dull what I had said.

This last week proved to be a great discussion following my sermon on divorce and remarriage. People's questions, objections and comments all helped me to expand my understanding and consider other Bible verses that applied. I kept adding to the manuscript of my sermon and reposting it on the website because I felt my message would be incomplete without the updates.

As I thought about what happened, I was pleased to see the evolution of God's word to us as a community. I think that's how it works. Too often we like to say "this is what God says - period." But as everyone adds their reaction, insight and life experience, the Word takes shape. It becomes alive and is able to strike deeper into our spirits because it's become more than information. It's a work of God's Spirit in, through and to his people.

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