Monday, March 26, 2012

We Did It! - One Million Dollars!

If you missed Sunday's announcement we raised  
for our Free to Reach More Campaign with 161 households pledging. We added about 50 households the past few weeks and that really makes me happy...30 more than our first campaign.  

This means so much to me. It means that the majority of people that attend Cedarbrook understand and embrace our vision...with passion!  We are not content to sit back and do "church as usual". We want to take our experience to a new level by making an impact on the lives of people in our church, our community and in our world.

Thanks so much for not being afraid to talk about money for six weeks and allow me to challenge you to sacrifice again for the sake of bringing God's kingdom from heaven to earth. It's such a privilege to lead a community that wants to make a difference.

Raising this much enables us to...
  • not cut staff or ministry
  • build the prayer trail, amphitheater and playground
  • save hundreds of dollars on interest
  • focus on ministry and not on a mortgage
Thanks so much to all the volunteers who stepped up to organize this campaign. Our staff could have NEVER done it alone. You all made it happen and I think you will agree that it was inspiring and even fun!


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