Thursday, February 02, 2012

Free to Reach More

Cedarbrook launched a six week adventure last Sunday. We are asking God to raise up a million dollars to pay off our debt. We want to be free of our debt so we can reach more people with new kinds of ministry. We also want to build three outdoor projects; a playground/picnic area, an amphitheater and a prayer trail.  If possible, we'd like to hire another staff person (to learn more go to

We are starting the campaign with a 20 day devotional. I've been briefly commenting on our facebook page each day and decided to post here as well. You can sign up for the email devotionals here.

From Thursday's devotional entry...
...recognizing God's claim over your life,...wake up and listen for God's own voice.  There is a word from the Lord for you in this campaign.  There is a God-given vision for your church in this campaign.  "Speak to me Lord.  I am your servant.  I am listening to hear from You."

I'm convinced that this campaign is not so much about raising money as it is about hearing from God a fresh call about a new kind of paradigm for ministry. I'm committed to listen. Are you? 

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