Monday, November 21, 2011

The Goal of Spiritual Growth... MUCH Fruit

In some ways, I think my message on Sunday was one of the most important messages I've ever preached. Why? Because it set our faith in context of who God calls us to be.  

I find that many believers don't understand their purpose. Over the years they chase different spiritual things that they perceive to be "growth". It might be Bible knowledge. It might be spiritual gifts or charismatic experiences. It might be spiritual disciplines like fasting or prayer or silence.  All of these things are good and even helpful. But none of them are ends in themselves. Download "Much Fruit" here.

Jesus said that we are called to produce "much fruit".

Using an apple tree as my model I defined much fruit as involving three things:
1. Bringing kingdom character and behavior into your life situations
2. Helping people in need
3. Reproducing your life in the life of someone else

This is our calling. This is God's will for us. Imagine a community of people all pursuing these goals together. God has a word for that: church.

I hope you'll read/listen to the message and see what God might say to your heart.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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