Monday, November 07, 2011

Change or Die!

In yesterday's message I quoted the book "Change or Die". I mentioned that the book gives three important ingredients for change but only mentioned one yesterday.  Here are all three:

1. Relate - this is what I talked about. You need to learn from someone you like; a counselor, coach, pastor, etc. if you want to change. When you don't like your teacher you are less motivated to change.

2. Rehearse - you need to learn new information and keep repeating it until it becomes a part of you. This is why reading the Bible is so important. You don't do it once and quit. You keep reading it until it's a part of your thought process.

3. Reframe - Once you grasp the new information you use it to reframe how you view life.  For example, when you fail at something you don't beat yourself up as a reframe your thoughts and view yourself as forgiven by God and having the presence of God's spirit to live a new life.

If you missed my message, download "What's Your Plan?" here.

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