Thursday, August 25, 2011

The "Repost Or-Else!" Guilt Trip

I got a long email the other day telling me how great God was and how I should resend the email to everyone I know if I really loved God. I expect this from young people or new believers.  They think they are doing something good...taking a stand for God. So I cut them some slack. But this was from a pastor. He should know better.

The "resend or-else" mentality has invaded Facebook as well. Does anyone else see this as a form of cyber-bullying?  I posted this on Facebook yesterday...
 I think FB should ban "repost this or else you are a bad person" posts. Come on people. These are lose-lose posts. Have we really accomplished any good by bullying someone into promoting our cause or agenda? Don't get suckered into the trap. Just hit delete.

I got a number of "likes" and favorable comments. No one seems to like the subtle threats but no one says anything either. So, on behalf of these people, I write!

Like I said in my post...these are lose-lose propositions. If you don't repost you feel guilty for letting the person down. If you do repost you feel guilty for succumbing to the pressure. It just leaves you feeling bad. I can't believe that people really mean to have this effect. So I'm simply pointing it out. It's NOT helping. You are bumming us out!

If you agree with me and really love God and country and your momma then repost...or else bad things will surely happen to you!

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