Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Book Review...The Butterfly Effect

Andy Andrews has just written a small gift book but don’t confuse size with impact. The Butterfly Effect will change your perspective on how you live your life. You’ve probably heard about the butterfly effect theory…that when a butterfly flaps its wings on the other side of the world it can actually impact your life in some significant way. This theory was laughed at when first suggested but thirty years later scientists have verified its legitimacy and turned it into The Law of Sensitive Dependence Upon Initial Conditions.

Andy Andrews takes the principle and shows how it’s true with people as well as butterflies. His main story references the battle of Gettysburg where Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, a colonel in the Union army faces continuous charges from the Confederate Army. Down to his last 80 men Chamberlain had to decide whether he would retreat or take one more charge. To the dismay of his troops and the surprise of the Confederates he led a charge capturing 400 of his enemy and securing the win for the North.

One decision. One battle won. But more than that. Gettysburg determined the fate of the entire war. And had the south won the nation it would have surely split the nation into two countries, or worse yet, thirteen. And if that had happened, would Nazi Germany have been defeated?

One decision can change the world forever. Andy Andrews makes us think twice about the “little” decisions we make every day and how they can impact people for decades to come.

I highly recommend this as a gift of encouragement to your friends or even yourself.

Note: I review books for Thomas Nelson Publishing in exchange for books but I am not under any obligation to give them a positive review.

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