Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Restoration and the return of the blue birds...

The bluebirds are back.

When we bought our land five years ago there were a number of bluebird houses and bluebirds all around. I loved watching them. Somehow with fence line clean up the houses got removed. For months the bluebirds remained but a little confused. Where had all the houses gone? But the next year the bluebirds were nowhere to be found.

That bothered me. I felt like we had destroyed something beautiful. I'm an outdoorsy person. I majored in Biology! I see the wonder of God in everything outside.

Our little bluebird mishap reminded me of the nature of humanity in general. We tend to screw things up! We tend to undo what God did when he spoke the world into existence.

But the great thing about God is that he restores and renews. And he's handed that job over to the church. Our job is to restore beauty to an earth that has been messed with. We are to restore beauty to relationships, to nature (the oceans would be a good place to start these days), to art, to education, to war torn countries, to abandoned cities, to overbuilt suburbs, to sin torn lives.

When we moved onto our property this spring I asked Jim and Darline Thompson to build ten bluebird houses. They did and what do you know. The bluebirds are back! It's a little thing. But I think it's very symbolic of our ministry as a church...restoring what is broken. Bringing beauty back to where it belongs.

Now, look around. What can you do to restore God's beauty around you?

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