Monday, November 24, 2008

My Christmas Wish List

Thanksgiving seems to be the time that people start asking each other what's on their Christmas list. I know you are all eager to know what to get me. So to make this simple and fast here's the list...

1. clean water for villages with dirty water (give online here)
2. clean water for villages with dirty water
3. clean water for villages with dirty water

I think you get the idea. But seriously, I don't expect you to give me a gift. I'm writing this to give you an idea for YOUR Christmas list. You don't have to be so hard core. Go ahead, put the usual on your list...socks, a Wal-mart gift card, fudge...but add one more thing...clean water.

Learn more about Living Waters International and how you can change a village forever. Why be so radical? Learn about the Advent Conspiracy at their website or download my sermons to learn why you might join the conspiracy this Christmas.


Anonymous said...

Why have we been trying to help the african people for the past 30 years or more? Are we not teaching them how to be independent? I remember the saying "give a man a fish feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime." I am not trying to be calous I am just trying to understand.

Thank You

Remy Diederich said...

That's fair. Maybe you are asking, "Why aren't they more independent by now?" The answer is much too deep to answer in a blog post. A few quick thoughts...imperial powers stripped the countries of their resources without investing in the country. Newly gained independence from these powers left a power vacuum that destablized the governments and let dictators rule. AIDS, malaria, and diarreah ravaged the continent. Plus...progress is slow. Many problems are systemic and take many decades to bring change. I'm not the best person to ask. Maybe other readers can offer more educated answers.