Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Freeing Up the Bottleneck

In my sermon on Sunday I challenged people to not wait for someone on staff to start a Bible study or plan an outreach or even a mission trip. It's not rocket science! You can do it! Within just a few months after I became a follower of Jesus I was leading small group Bible studies at the University of Minnesota and by the end of the year the campus group I was with put me in charge of outreach for the entire campus. I didn't know much but I had a willing heart!

My point is that people tend to get intimidated by taking leadership...especially with anything they have to be a Bible scholar or something first. Not true! At a church the size of Cedarbrook we should have 30 small groups and be sending out ministry teams every week to help someone somewhere. Why don't we? We just don't have the staff to manage all that. But we shouldn't really have to. If people would merely grab a few friends and start something our ministry efforts would double over night!
(Maybe if you think of working with just your friends it won't be so intimidating).

Please think about if God is calling you to do that. I'm happy to meet with you to give you ideas and next steps. We've got six staff and 500 attenders at Cedarbrook. Let's not let the small staff bottleneck what God wants to do at church!

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