Thursday, March 20, 2008

What if You Had One Month to Live?

It's an interesting question, isn't it? What if you had one month to live? How would you change your life...if at all? It reminds me of the recent movie, The Bucket List... the list that we create before we "kick the bucket".

Did you know that Jesus had a Bucket List? That's what I'll be talking about on Easter... the things that Jesus did before he died.

And then in the month of April Christine and I will be preaching on how we might change our lives as individuals and as a church if we knew that we had one month to live.

So, I invite you to take the challenge;

You can keep living like you are living. What will people say at your funeral?

Or, you can choose to finish strong by changing your life now -while there is still time. How might the stories change at your funeral if you did?

I hope you'll seize this opportunity. We've got everything in place to help you make a profound difference in your life. Don't pass it up!

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