Friday, December 21, 2007

More on Golden Compass

Well, I guess my blog still isn't allowing everyone to post. Sorry about that. So here's a post that was emailed to me about the movie "Golden Compass"...

I just finished the first two books in the "Golden Compass" series of books. I couldn't put them down, and that's an odd thing for fantasy fiction and me. Really captivating plot, solid writing, very advanced for children's fiction.

I'm putting the third one down and not sure I'll be picking it up again, no matter how good it is. Very clearly it is a story about the fallen angels and all their cohorts mounting war against God (no chance it isn't our God since the author calls him YAHWEH) claiming he's not really the Creator but the first created angel who pridefully led everyone to believe that since he came first, he was God.

The way I see it, it's a story about "the other side" and what they believe... however, the definition of good and evil has been switched around. Blurred at best. So this is no classic story of good and evil, which most fantasy fiction is. It takes a severe departure from the best of it in that way and questions everything. And worst of all, it leads the reader to question God.

I'm coming out, surprisingly, very strongly against these books because of exactly that. Children, whose theology is still forming, will be attacked even worse... at least those who get through the books for the difficulty of reading level. I am pro-Harry Potter and very opposed to Christians who won't read things before criticizing them... but I'm on this band wagon now. Dawn

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