Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So Much to Be Thankful for...

A few weeks ago we held our "Fresh Encounter" meeting. This is a low key time of singing, prayer and reflection at Cedarbrook - very counter to our high energy, music and message time on Sunday morning.

Anyway...the theme of the evening was thanksgiving. The leader (Jayne) was praying and thanking God for all that he had done at Cedarbrook this past year. It was a long list! I'll mention just a few things here...
  • The four teams that we sent to New Orleans to help Katrina victims
  • The start of a number of new small groups and the relationships they have spawned
  • The addition of Brenda Brewer as our Team Leader for the Children's Ministry
  • The resurrection of a number of marriages that were on the verge of divorce
  • The successful transition to our new space at the mall
  • The incredible amount of volunteers that have stepped up to serve as we've grown
  • Brad Kehn stepping up to serve as interim youth pastor when our search failed to find someone
  • The faithful giving of so many people that enables us to hire staff and equip the church to minister to so many people
  • The numerous changes lives that have resulted from people connecting with God

Well, you get the idea. If you'd like to add to the list please comment by clicking the link below. And join us tomorrow night as we have a Soup & Sharing time on Thanksgiving Eve.

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