Monday, September 11, 2006

Makeover Starts This Week!

Dave Johnson, project manager for our new Mall Makeover, has been busy, busy, busy pulling together bids, volunteers and city/state approval for this operation. It's a LOT of work!!

Wednesday: The state is scheduled to review and hopefully approve our building plans.

Thursday: We hope to receive the approval FEDEX'd to us so the city can grant us a building permit.

Thursday or Friday: We hope to start construction!

Dave met with over 40 people last Thursday who are eager to get to work. We have teams and team leaders for...
  • framing (with steel) (Corey Amundson)
  • hanging sheetrock (Brian Hartz)
  • taping/sanding sheetrock (maybe you? Dave)
  • painting and decorating (Michell Scott)
  • promotions (Remy)
  • hospitality (Judy Abel)
If you want to get involved, contact Dave at

I hope you'll at least drop by to see what's happening! Stay tuned, I hope to add some "action" pictures as the walls go up.

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