Monday, March 07, 2005

Sermon Out-takes

Every week I have to throw out something from my sermon that I like. I think and read a lot all week and I REALLY want to cram it all into my sermon - but I just can't do it. Good thing we have to be out of the CineMagic by noon because it forces me to be concise! But I realized the other day that this blog is a good place to put those out-takes.

Last week I was talking about Romans 1 -3. Paul's making the point that we can't judge others because we all have issues. To us, those issues are minor. But to God they probably look fairly similar because he looks behind the behavior to the attitude of the heart. Didn't Jesus say that lust was equal to adultery and anger equal to murder?

I was thinking that if I asked God to send me the sins of my heart, I'd expect him to send me a short e-mail. But God would probably have to put it on a CD to hold all the files. I think that's a good idea of how far off I am when I am quick to overlook my sin and judge others. There's a lot more there than I think there is. How about you?

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